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Orgin on senses

Sep 18, 2006 02:37 AM
by Marko Manninen

I remember somewhere Blavatsky told there is a same source for all senses (7 or 10?), but i 
dont remember where she told that. Can anyone recall this and what does it mean practically? 
Modern science divides senses way more than 10 senses, perhaps its just separation of 
primary senses, but even then, is there any hints in theosophical literature of such amount of 

One interesting find was in: -> 

A. Not at all; it is simply that the sense of seeing can be interchanged with the sense of 

Today we know, that you can put microship to your tongue having pressure points and 
signals from camera that is placed on your head and it produces images to your mind so that 
you can see "the world" even if blinded. Could it work with other senses too, not to mention 
clearvoyance and telepathy?

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