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Bruce & Jake: "A Few Thoughts on the 1900 Letter"

Sep 17, 2006 12:40 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Since Bruce has weighted in on the
1900 letter, I want to bring back to 
the forum some comments of Jake which
he made a week or so ago on this forum:

Yes, Dan, I guess you did mention
some people who HAD seen the full 1900
letter, and kept their opinion [that
the letter was a forgery] regardless.
At the end of the letter in the Eclectic
you refer to is the quote from Editor
Small below - So I guess even the ULT's
Official Position (I know.. they don't
have any!) is a tentative assertion
that the letter is Bona Fide....
It seems the overwhelming majority think
it was a bona fide KH letter regardless.

I was going to ask Jake back when I first
read this a question but never got around to it.
With Bruce weighting in on the matter now,
I will ask Jake to clarify what he was "getting at"
when he wrote:

"It seems the overwhelming majority think
it was a bona fide KH letter regardless."

What are you saying here Jake?  That we should
be convinced or I should be convinced or we should
at least take into consideration that "the overwhelming 
majority think it was a bona fide KH letter" and that
that should somehow sway our view?

I'm sure there are other things you could have meant!

But when I first read this, I was going to write back
and say:  Well, so we should now let the fact that
"the overwhelming majority think" this or that [on whatever
subject!] somehow sway us?

Truth is determined by what the "majority" thinks??

Jake, I'm not saying you meant any of this.  I'm just
saying this was a little bit of my own mental dialogue
with myself.

Anyway it will be interesting to see what your response to
this will be as well as your view on what Bruce has written
about the 1900 letter.



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