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Re: A Few Thoughts on the 1900 Letter

Sep 17, 2006 11:01 AM
by danielhcaldwell

So Robert are you saying that you 
doubt this letter is from the real KH?

That you hold a view similar to that of
Dallas TenBroeck, Vernon Harrison and
Walter Carrithers that the letter is not
genuine KH??


--- In, "robert_b_macd" 
<robert.b.macdonald@...> wrote:
> The Power of Discrimination
> One way to look at this letter is to skip over the "high-sounding"
> platitudes that it contains and look for any possible poison 
> If there were reasons to doubt Mrs. Besant's integrity, the 
> passage might be the poison pill used to bring down the Society:
> "[[You will have to leave a
> good deal of your emotions and
> credulity before you become a safe
> guide among the influences that will
> commence to work in the new cycle.]]
> The T.S. was meant to be the cornerstone
> of the future religions of humanity.
> To accomplish this object those who
> lead must leave aside their weak
> predilections for the forms and
> ceremonies of any particular creed
> and show themselves to be true
> Theosophists both in inner thought
> and outward observance. The greatest
> of your trials is yet to come. We
> watch over you but you must put
> forth all your strength. K.H."
> What dooes this passage do?  First of all it lends legitimacy to 
> Besant.  Despite all of her mistakes, which conveniently enough go
> unmentioned as to the specifics, she is stated to have the ability 
> turn things around and become a "safe guide".  Wouldn't it have 
> more credible if the Master's detailed her mistakes so that she 
> what to look out for in her own mind and combat this?  Is that not 
> they approached Olcott on the Shannon?  With this next  statement 
> idea is introduced that should be troubling to all 
theosophists.  "The
> T.S. was meant to be the cornerstone of the future religions of
> humanity."  I can imagine Annie's mind churning right now.  She 
> herself as a "safe guide" leading her sheep towards a new salvation
> with the Masters watching over her.  This letter was not a warning 
> prophecy of what was to come, it was the seed.  I suspect that
> Olcott's better nature kept her in check until he died and then the
> rest as they say is history.
> Bruce

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