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A Few Thoughts on the 1900 Letter

Sep 17, 2006 10:39 AM
by robert_b_macd

The Power of Discrimination

One way to look at this letter is to skip over the "high-sounding"
platitudes that it contains and look for any possible poison pills. 
If there were reasons to doubt Mrs. Besant's integrity, the following
passage might be the poison pill used to bring down the Society:
"[[You will have to leave a
good deal of your emotions and
credulity before you become a safe
guide among the influences that will
commence to work in the new cycle.]]
The T.S. was meant to be the cornerstone
of the future religions of humanity.
To accomplish this object those who
lead must leave aside their weak
predilections for the forms and
ceremonies of any particular creed
and show themselves to be true
Theosophists both in inner thought
and outward observance. The greatest
of your trials is yet to come. We
watch over you but you must put
forth all your strength. K.H."

What dooes this passage do?  First of all it lends legitimacy to Annie
Besant.  Despite all of her mistakes, which conveniently enough go
unmentioned as to the specifics, she is stated to have the ability to
turn things around and become a "safe guide".  Wouldn't it have been
more credible if the Master's detailed her mistakes so that she knew
what to look out for in her own mind and combat this?  Is that not how
they approached Olcott on the Shannon?  With this next  statement an
idea is introduced that should be troubling to all theosophists.  "The
T.S. was meant to be the cornerstone of the future religions of
humanity."  I can imagine Annie's mind churning right now.  She sees
herself as a "safe guide" leading her sheep towards a new salvation
with the Masters watching over her.  This letter was not a warning or
prophecy of what was to come, it was the seed.  I suspect that
Olcott's better nature kept her in check until he died and then the
rest as they say is history.


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