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Sep 16, 2006 01:48 PM
by adelasie

Fellow students:

Perhaps we could agree that respect for the Masters, and for the 
Founders, and for all the great souls who work selflessly and 
tirelessly for our benefit, might include remembering and putting 
into practice some of the things they strive so hard to teach us: 
altruism, compassion, unselfishness, non-judgementalism, brotherhood, 
the unity of all life, self-responsibility, harmlessness, humility, 
to name a few. 

We only have to look around the world for a moment to see the fruits 
of behavior which ignores these lessons. Why perpetuate the pain and 
suffering? Is all the work of all the Great Ones to be in vain, 
because we just cannot let go of our little egos, even for a moment? 

It is highly unlikely that one can accomplish much by refusing to 
look at pictures, be they pictures of whatever, if he cannot restrain 
the temptation to criticize or denigrate his fellow students. 
Willfully ignoring the lessons of the Masters would seem to me to be 
highly disrespectful. 

Let us try to remember: Two diametrically opposed statements can both 
be true. Truth is infinite. It manifests in myriad differentiations, 
rather like the monad, but each is a reflection of the original 
Truth, however different it may seem to our self-blinded eyes. 


On 16 Sep 2006 at 15:16, carlosaveline wrote:

> Friends, 
> Although the Coulombs and Mr. Soloviof were pioneers in the  `abuse of sacred names´ (as H.P. Blavatsky  calls it),  the process was never limited to them, and it did not stop in their time.  
> Since the 1880s,  the abuse of theosophical teachings and teachers has had several instruments and mechanisms. The vulgarization of  19th  century "portraits  of Masters" is but one among others.  

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