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Adelasie, Ernest and the Portraits

Sep 16, 2006 01:38 PM
by danielhcaldwell


In one of your postings, you wrote to me:

"...thanks to Adelasie, you are not QUITE ALONE [caps added] in the 
abuse and vulgarization of the sacred names and Masters' portraits, 
something which, by the wat, was rightfully and bitterly denounced
for EVERYONE TO KNOW by Ms. Helena Blavatsky in the final chapters 
of 'The Key to Theosophy'."

Now Carlos, it appears that in your above words you are stating or 
at least suggesting that Adelasie is ALSO guilty (along with me) of 
being somehow involved in "the abuse and vulgarization of the sacred 
names and Masters' portraits."

You said I was not QUITE ALONE so Adelasie must be in company with 
me in regards to this.

I'm curious:  exactly what did she do to deserve these "kind" words 
of yours?

Now compare what you say about Ernest in another posting:

"....I have written more about the process of disrespect regarding 
sacred names and portraits of Masters, which, of course, was not the
intention of Ernest Pelletier...."

You say Ernest did NOT intend to show "disrespect regarding sacred 
names and portraits of Masters" although he in fact published in a 
book (which is for sale to the public) the portraits of the Masters.

So why do you "overlook" and in effect make excuses for Ernest when 
at the same time you say Adelasie is guilty of the abusing and 
vulgarizing of "the sacred names and Masters' portraits"?

Or in other words, although Adelasie published no portraits of the 
Masters, she seems to get a rebuke from you whereas Ernest who 
published the portraits gets no rebuke.

I would appreciate your clarification of the above since some might 
think that you are here using some double standard as regards 
Adelasie and Ernest.


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