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Did We Kill the Adepts?

Sep 16, 2006 12:58 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Did We Kill the Adepts?
   I have to agree with the idea 
of not talking about adepts all 
the time, especially personally 
in portraits, name and visualizations.  
"The cant about masters" as it says 
in the 1900 letter.
   What sacrifice was made to make 
Theosophy public in the 1800's?  
I wonder what the karmic effect was, 
especially in the short term.  Hate 
was aroused against them by thousands 
and millions.  Then you have thousands 
of not-too-stable types thinking they 
are in constant communication with 
them, and discussions and mentions 
of their names AD INFINITUM.  They 
were humans also, and subject to 
the same things other humans are, 
and what is the result of being 
the object of attention with strong 
emotions of millions in one form 
or another.  Mundanely, one can 
see the result of public attention 
or adoration in the sad fates of 
many public figures, like movie 
stars, for instance.  Are they 
immune to all this, or is it something 
one would constantly waste effort 
on in fighting off?
     Plus - were the adepts all-seeing 
in everything?  Maybe the portraits 
were just a personal gesture to HPB 
and the inner dedicated Theosophists, 
and may never have been considered 
that millions would end up gawking 
at them.  This is part of the ULT 
objection to the portraits, I think.  
A subtle, occult connection could 
be made from knowing someone's likeness.  
Do they have the same bodies any more?  
Who knows?  It could be that they 
are not even imbodied any more - and 
due to a huge karmic price in the 
short term - every evil influence 
reacts to any REAL effort to aid 
humanity to escape all the "vested 
interests" and mental slavery it 
labors under.  The price may have 
been tremendous and all our constant 
emotional attention on them May Have 
Killed Them Off!  Who could stand 
such a backlash from all of Theosophy?  
It may have literally Killed them, 
that's the sacrifice.  'And all the 
needless "cant" and discussion of 
masters doesn help, it Hurts, as 
stated in the 1900 letter.  The 
philosophy is really what matters, 
not the personalities.
         - jake j.

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