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Re: The Portraits

Sep 16, 2006 11:58 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  The Portraits
    Quite frankly I'm a little embarassed 
by those portaits of the adepts, they're 
definitely "class B" works of art, and 
I'm a little amazed they were regarded 
highly (except for the spirit behind 
them.)  They look like spooks.  M may 
have "helped out" Schemlein(?) the 
artist, but I doubt art was his forte, 
which was more likely sword-play.  
Part of the reason Blavatsky liked 
them so much is because of her human 
womanly self.  She was totally 
personally devoted to the adept, 
and as an adept said in the MLs - 
refering to her highly emotional 
display on meeting him in Tibet - 
that she would never become an 
adept-proper, because of her 
emotional nature.
                 - jake j.

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