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Our imagination

Sep 16, 2006 05:41 AM
by Rabindra Mohanty

Dear Friends! We more often than not  play with our
own imaginations. Imaginations are created/ activated
in different forms, such as praise, criticisms,
acceptance or rejections. When we come in contact with
different subjects and objects.Imaginations rule over
us for some time and die down after some time or some
days. New imaginations crop up and thus our mind gets
swayed from one thought to the other in a superficial
manner thereby bringing pleasure and pain to us.
Rarely we think about the true nature of our
imagination. We should better contemplate on how the
imagination is created and wherefrom it comes.
Ultimately where does it go? We must know what exactly
is our goal. Then only we can direct our imagination
in the right direction. Kindly focus your imagination
on my above imagination and make me wiser by your wise

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