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Nigel's Disappointment

Sep 15, 2006 10:30 AM
by carlosaveline


Sorry if Theos-talk disappoints you.

Yet the problem with disappointments often is in one's own expectations.

"The Voice of the Silence", the book translated and published by HPB, says: 

"... mind is a mirror; it gathers dust while it reflects..." (1)

It is a mirror. What we look outside, might be something present inside. 

We all see outside that which corresponds (in one way or another)  to things present in our own inner world, so instead of having expectations and getting disappointed, I try to learn from every situation. 

Theos-talk is debating the things of the movement.  Such discussion is not meant to be necessarily nice.

Heard of tests along the way? 

But I have to agree that Theos-talk is not for every kind of temperament.  Other good and great e-groups are more contemplative, which is superb.  

Regards,   Carlos. 


(1) "The Voice of the Silence",Theosophy Co., p. 28.


Data:Fri, 15 Sep 2006 06:09:01 -0000


> Hi to all,
> As you will know I am a very new member to the group and feel it a 
> shame that my first contribution to it will be one of expressing my 
> dissapointment in what I have read so far. Bickering! Kama-Manasic 
> defensiveness - survival of the fittest 'intellect' and so on. All 
> in the name of Theosophy!? "are our beards not grown?" Are we brave 
> enough to let the personality go and stop driving the wedge of 
> separation between us.....we whos duty it is as Theosophists to 
> bring understanding to the world of the very nature of the illusion 
> of separation! In regards to the portraits of the Mahatmas , I quote 
> from W.Shakespeare(or is it F.Bacon!) "In faith, I do not love thee 
> with mine eyes; For they in thee a thousand errors note; But 'tis my 
> heart that loves what they despise" The Heart. The POWER of Love. 
> Theosophy is founded in Understanding and Compassion and to me this 
> is where our focus needs to be. Apologies for my rude entry but it 
> is heart felt. I wonder, how are we to assist in alleviating the 
> suffering of the world when we continue to argue over 'true or 
> false' accounts of history. Perhaps my initial impressions are 
> misguided and simply due to the timing of my signing up. Perhaps I 
> will be made to eat these words! Here's hoping and here's to a 
> brighter future, Nigel.
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