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Sep 15, 2006 09:07 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends,

Shallow, mechanistical views of Theosophy try  do reduce Wisdom  to mere repetition of old actions, based on hearsay or dead letter. 

HPB told far more important things to her Esoteric School students, than that having portraits of Masters in the late 1880s could be useful. 

To try to use the same technique 115 years later and while these outdated portraits are being used by every disinformed people around the world; to try to use it regardless of a commitment to a Cause,  and separate from a daily exercise in self-knowledge and self-purification; to try to use these old portraits of Physical Vehicles of Masters without true inner guidance...  this can only be a self-deluding attempt to bring down Mahatmas to one's own level of spiritual childishness.  

One should better choose some Catholic Saints to make promises to. 

And there is something interesting: often,  the same "internet editors" who publish these portraits everywhere (is it to "get energy" from them?)  also publicize slanders against the Masters and HPB, to show "how modern" they are.  

These people vulgarize, on one hand, and slander, on the other. Well-dressed wolves indeed! 

People who are interested in the Rishis, Initiates and Elder Brothers, and especially in their WISDOM, which in fact belongs to Mankind,  should not follow this "wide path".  They should try the inner, narrow  path instead. 

True Masters can't be found in lower and mayavic or "visual" regions. Dead letter, or the 'eye doctrine" (which depends on the five senses) will not open the inner door. 

The Heart Doctrine, or living spirit, does not need, nay, it can't resist superstition and image-adoration. 

If one does not find light within, if will be useless to look for it outside, whether in portraits, rites, Catholic Saints or websites. 

Best regards,   Carlos. 

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