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Carlos & Adelasie on "Personalism or Theosophy"

Sep 15, 2006 08:35 AM
by danielhcaldwell

After reading what Carlos has written
on "Personalism or Theosophy" at:

and then reading Adelasie's reply at:

I would suggest that both postings have some 
valuable thoughts that other readers might do well
to ponder on.

Certainly Carlos ends his posting with a very
important observation:

They might well think of regularly re-examining their inner personal 
motives and comparing them to the noble `ideal of human progression 
and perfection'.

A clean life, an open mind, a pure heart, an eager intellect, an 
unveiled spiritual perception... these are some of the golden stairs 
through which human beings may gradually get to the inner Temple.

No amount of visualizations or internet portraits can replace that 

But earlier in the posting he writes:
In recent times, such poor souls have learnt about Theosophy. But 
they can't grasp its inner and true philosophy and, sadly enough, 
they don't want to patiently TRY doing that.

Then they prefer the easy way. They think of Masters of the Wisdom 
and visualize `Adepts' at the personality level. They create mental 
projections out of their own psychological contents. Moved by
semi-intellectualized self-delusion, they want to communicate with 
Adepts through 19th century portraits which now circulate in the 
Internet. They create mental false images and then adore them. By 
doing that, they are trying to turn Adepts into Catholic Church 

Sometimes they even talk to, or listen to, these would-be physical 
portraits. What's the use of it, after all?

It could be that there are some persons who actually do "want to 
communicate with Adepts through 19th century portraits which now 
circulate in the Internet."  But I personally do not know of anyone 
that does that.  Of course the world is a big place!

Nevertheless, one should take to heart many of HPB's own warnings 
about the dangers of the psychic world and about subconscious 
projections from our own minds.

But at the same time, I believe Adelasie writes some very important 
observations, such as:

" the spirit of realizing that two opposite points of view
can both be true, I suggest a few alternative ideas."

And then she offers several importants statements as food for 
thought.  I select but a few of them to repeat:


While it is true that theosophists are cautioned not to worship the
Masters, it is also true that the portraits of them were made
available to students, as were portraits of HPB herself, and WQJ.
Theosophists are enjoined to learn to think for themselves. Who are
we to judge the process by which the individual student learns to do

We might as well assume that They know better than we what needed to
be done in those early days, and that They still know better than we
how it is best to conduct ourselves. They are our own better selves.
They are as near as our own hearts. They dwell in the inner worlds,
where we also dwell always, if we only knew. We are evolving the
consciousness to realize Their presence in our lives, every moment of
every day.

If looking at a portrait of the face of a Master gives a student a
moment of inspiration, a renewal of hope and faith in the reality of
the inner life, what is there to worry about? If it doesn't work for
you, so be it. We all have our own path to follow.

Do the inner work. That is very essential, as we all have learned.
But let's not decide for others how they should best proceed. As long
as they are trying to do the right thing, they are doing fine.

Thanks to Carlos and Adelasie for providing all of us at Theos-Talk 
with important views.


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