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Personalism or Theosophy

Sep 15, 2006 06:43 AM
by carlosaveline

Since ancient times,  naive  human beings have looked at the outside world and the universe as a mere extension  of their own small,   lower selves.  
They have seen in the Sun a personalistic Lord, an absolute Monarch – a  cosmic humanoid  who owns human souls as if they were his private property.  
Ignorance has made them personalize  the Moon as a humanoid Virgin who is also  Mother and Wife ; a bright female goddess presiding over the stars during night  – ‘stars’ being the many children of  the celestial couple. For them, this was  not a beautiful, poetical and symbolical legend –  it was literal truth. 
Justice is then seen as a divinity to whom one  may ask personal favours. But each one of such Gods feels envy and jealousy with  regard to the others.  Just like ignorant human beings, these Gods suffer from the disease of  attachment-and-rejection.  The reason for that is simple:  in popular myths, ancient Gods are indeed created by men.     
The same has happened in Christianity, Hinduism, Islamism and other religions. 
In recent times, such poor souls have learnt about Theosophy.  But they can’t grasp its inner and true philosophy and, sadly enough,  they don’t want to patiently TRY doing that.  
Then they prefer the easy way.  They think of Masters of the Wisdom and  visualize ‘Adepts’ at the personality level.  They create mental projections out of their own  psychological contents.  Moved by 
semi-intellectualized self-delusion, they want to communicate  with Adepts through 19th century portraits which now circulate in the Internet.  They create mental false images and  then adore them. By doing that, they are trying to turn Adepts into Catholic Church Saints. 
Sometimes they even talk  to, or listen to, these would-be physical portraits. What’s  the use of it,  after all? 
These people should  start  by enhancing their contact with their own souls or ‘spiritual selves’. They should turn within and  realize that a true light can only be found in one’s heart, and in silence. 
They might well think of regularly re-examining their inner personal motives and comparing them to  the noble ‘ideal of human progression and perfection’. 
A clean life, an open mind, a pure heart, an eager intellect, an unveiled spiritual perception... these are some of the  golden stairs through which  human beings may gradually get to the  inner Temple. 
No amount of  visualizations  or internet portraits can  replace that homework.. 
Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline 

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