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Sep 14, 2006 11:09 PM
by healynigel

Hi to all,
As you will know I am a very new member to the group and feel it a 
shame that my first contribution to it will be one of expressing my 
dissapointment in what I have read so far. Bickering! Kama-Manasic 
defensiveness - survival of the fittest 'intellect' and so on. All 
in the name of Theosophy!? "are our beards not grown?" Are we brave 
enough to let the personality go and stop driving the wedge of 
separation between us.....we whos duty it is as Theosophists to 
bring understanding to the world of the very nature of the illusion 
of separation! In regards to the portraits of the Mahatmas , I quote 
from W.Shakespeare(or is it F.Bacon!) "In faith, I do not love thee 
with mine eyes; For they in thee a thousand errors note; But 'tis my 
heart that loves what they despise" The Heart. The POWER of Love. 
Theosophy is founded in Understanding and Compassion and to me this 
is where our focus needs to be. Apologies for my rude entry but it 
is heart felt. I wonder, how are we to assist in alleviating the 
suffering of the world when we continue to argue over 'true or 
false' accounts of history. Perhaps my initial impressions are 
misguided and simply due to the timing of my signing up. Perhaps I 
will be made to eat these words! Here's hoping and here's to a 
brighter future, Nigel.

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