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; regarding letter 10

Sep 14, 2006 10:33 PM
by Gary Barnhart

I have read in this site some folks have taken heat over their acceptance of mahatma letter 10 [ the Barker edition].  There can be many reasons for a persons opposition to the contents of that letter, even so, the greatest obstacle for humans is to come to the understanding about is that even though there are advanced humans who may now live in another plane and even advanced humans who live in our round and plane, what is most difficult for people to let go of or give up is that there is NO anthropomorphic god being.

That letting go of the "Wonderful Wizard of OZ" is letting go of years of conditioned mind and belief and to have the expectation that humans can easily do so is a fantasy.  To suppose or ASSUME that every theosophy student or every society member has let go of that notion or belief or idea is also a FANTASY.

Considering the straight-forwardness or frankness of letter 10, why should the so called Praylag letter be of any great surprise?  HPB herself wrote articles, such as the article against child marriage, which went against current Indian culture among various groups in India.

I know children who have gone running to mother when some other child tells them there is no Santa Claus.  Why?  Because they were told at a tender age that there was one.  Adults are no different in that regard. HPB wrote about the problems with the materialistic mindset growing in the west.  So, what exempts the Indian or Hindu schools to exemption from having their mindset called into question as well.  Lets face it folks, its rough to be told that what you think or do is in error.
Enough said.
 Best Regards,
Gary B.

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