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Re: Theos-World Re: Carlos Should Write His Own Book of Blavatsky Letters

Sep 14, 2006 04:24 PM
by MarieMAJ41

So I take it then, Carlos, that you will not write a book about the book  
that J. Algeo edited? Or write one that is substantially improved in regard to  
the correct HPB Letters? Too bad, Carlos, you could do it very well I  think.
In Brotherhood,
________________________________________Carlos, you wrote:


Please look for youself.

John Algeo  wrote an article, published in "The Theosophist"John Algeo  wrote 
an article, published in "The Theosophist"<WBR>, Adyar, and in "Quest",  the 
TSA's magazine, admitting that those

You should better inform yourself in order to  see what you are talking 

You asked for info, I gave you info.  Check it outnow if you want. If you do 
not check my evidences, you can't say I  am saying falsehoods. 

Write to Radha Burnier-- you must know her  address. Ask ask her opinion 
about these false letters. I did. Do you want a  xerox of her air mail answer to 
me? At your service.

If you write or call  Radha by phone, she might perhaps let you know, 
privately, what she really  things about the TSA!!! 
________________________________________and I  wrote:  Theos-World LETTERS 

> Carlos, many  thanks for your considerable explanations and research into 
the > "Letters  etc." If any of what you say is true (and some of it could be), 
> then the  work is indeed appalling and deserves your derision and continued 
> battle  against HPB's enemies: past, present, and future.
> I now  introduce a challenge to you, Carlos. Rewrite, or, re-edit, the book 
> the  way that you feel it should have been presented the first time. You 
have >  done the research, you have written the e-mails passionately enough to > 
 establish that what you say COULD BE TRUE. Theosophy needs voices like 
yours,  who 
> are willing to look deep and hard, and then discard all that they  do not 
like > or hope not to be true, and just present the facts. But I  suspect that 
even > then, it will be difficult to reach the truth of the  matter WITH 
CERTAINTY. That is the nature of faith-based theosophy, and  faith-based religion.
> In Brotherhood
> Marie

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