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I Inspired Algeo???!!! Stop it! I can't stop laughing!!

Sep 14, 2006 12:37 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You are so perdictable.

But please please stop making me laugh!  

You wrote:

"In recent years you accelerated your actions and inspired Algeo 
into directly publicizing Solovyov and Eleanor Sidgwick's lies, 
adopting them as part of the theosophical literature, as part of 
the 'HPB Writings' -- and successfully involving in that the TSA's 

I inspired Algeo!!  I love it!  :)

Where in the name of Buddha do you come up with these gems!
Jesus I wish I really believed I could do stuff like this.

I have no idea where Algeo got this "inspiration".  But from 
me...nah...he already had the inspiration...I suppose it was from 
Boris de Zirkoff and John Cooper.

Unfortunately, you apparently are making this up in your
own mind!  Is this another misleading mayavic ideation of yours??

The scary part is that you must really believe it....

I notice you have kicked out a few more postings too...All in the 
emotional reactive mode....

You also wrote:

"If you stop publicizing lies and slanders..."

Well, you are doing a pretty good job YOURSELF this morning of
publicizing all this stuff!!!!!  :)

First you publicize the Algeo volume.  :)

Then you publicize my book.  Thanks.

Readers interested in the Algeo volume of HPB's letters that Carlos 
has spent so much time on this morning can find it at:

I'll give a link later to my book.


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