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Re: Daniel Too Emotional?

Sep 14, 2006 11:06 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

> Daniel,
> There is no reason, as long as one can see from the outside,   for 
you to be so emotionally attached to the slanders against HPB. 
> Let it go.  Exercise openness. Stop publicizing them. It will be 
good for you and good for the movement.  Give peace a chance. 
> Regards,  Carlos. 

But Carlos, please note that you are the one today to post all of the
material about Algeo, the HPB letters volume, etc.

Good material.  But I simply wanted readers to be aware of certain 
facts (for example what I cited about Gomes, de Zirkoff, Cranston) 
so that they [the readers] will have differing views to ponder on.  
Since you don't mention these things, I felt well I had to...

And notice you haven't commented at all in a direct and intelligent 
manner on what Gomes, de Zirkoff and Cranston did.  Just more of 
your old reactive "ad hominem" comments.  I suppose it takes less 
energy on your part than to actually think about the issues and 
discuss them in an intelligent manner.  Who knows!

Here's a little challenge:  write to Michael Gomes...write to 
Patrick Deveney and ASK THEM about what their views are on 
these "false" letters.

Ask and see if they agree with the plan to REMOVE them in the Jerome 
Wheeler volume.

I wonder if they will share with you their views since they have 
already seen all the negative verbiage about Dr. Algeo you have 
written both in FOHAT and AT.

But if they share their views on these "false" letters, etc., then I 
wonder how you will react if they hold views totally opposite of 

I'm sure instead you will ignore all of this.  It apparently is 
safer and more comforting to you to make Dr. Algeo the boogie man!!
or to ask if I'm "too emotional"....


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