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Carlos on "Contact With Masters Is Not Verbal"

Sep 14, 2006 10:26 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

Contact is available -- through one's own Monad and Sixth Principle. 
It is not visual or verbal. It is not "personal". Realizing this, 
common sense prevails.

But Carlos, I would suggest that neither you or I know for certain!

Who are we to dictate to the Masters how they might communicate
with various individuals???

I agree it may be that for the most part "through one's own Monad 
and Sixth Principle."

But sometimes depending on the circumstances or the individual, they 
may communicate in a very definite visual or verbal way.

I don't think we can know or dictate what is the truth in this 

I personally would for the most part disregard any verbal or visual 
supposed communication from them.  Our subconscious minds are so 
good at projecting illusions! 

But on another  personal note, I find their portraits as painted in 
1884 as very beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. 

But do we really need to be in verbal communication with the 
Masters?  We have in the original Blavatsky/Mahatmic corpus of 
writings more than enough teachings, advice, inspiration, etc., that 
it may be somewhat presumptuous to think that they would communicate 
with us on a personal level.

But I don't think we can lay down hard and fast rules as to how the 
Masters might choose to communicate with some individuals.



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