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Carlos on "So who would question them?"

Sep 14, 2006 10:08 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

Scarcely anyone seriously doubts these letters now, except perhaps 
the visualization letter, which Jake has questioned.

Letter Ten, and the Prayag Letter, for instance, have both been 
published by Adyar. So who would question them? Their very content 
is most meaningful to the movement today - after 120 years or so -- 
and they will keep that way in the future.

But Carlos there are theosophical students who doubt Letter 10 and 
the Prayag letter.  I have no way of knowing how many students doubt 
them but I have personally received letters and emails taking me to 
task for accepting them!

Several years ago a lady theosophist who I assume was reading my 
postings either on Theos-L or Theos-Talk wrote to me and was 
astonished that I would defend the genuineness of the Prayag letter.
She stated that no real master would ever write such stuff.    I 
tried to write back to her and ask what her reasoning was for 
thinking what she thought but I was not successful in eliciting any 
thing more definite.

Also I have the impression that there are still many Adyar 
Theosophists (I have no idea what the percentage is!!) who discount 
or pooh-pooh the picture of life after death as given in Master 
K.H.'s letters.

I was brought up on these letters!  so they are some of my favorite 
Theosophical reading....I think the Mahatma's views in this respect 
make a great deal of sense and show a great and profound 
understanding of the subject.

There are also presentday Theosophical students who are horrified by 
what is said in Letter 10 and 22 in the first 3 editions of the 
Mahatma Letters.  Again I think these students are under 
misimpressions as to what the Mahatma is writing about but 
nevertheless such students still exist!  Again I have no idea how 
large that pool is but my vague general impression is that more 
Adyar Theosophists are of this view than the ULT or Point Loma 

I think these "misimpressions" concerning these letters provide an 
opportunity to delve into the underlying teachings and explore the 
actual ideas pro and con.  Students who consider these letters as 
containing profound material should view these "doubts" as 
opportunities to clarify and explicate the teachings.


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