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Jake on "he .... was ingenerous enough...." ???

Sep 14, 2006 08:20 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

Silent Deletion

- Well, I guess I won't save those quotes!
Reminds me of about 15 years ago when he
sent me a xerox of a very interesting paper
on logical proofs - but was ingenerous enough
to include all but the last page. Or the rare
Mundy book I ordered, and the seller ripped out
one page. (An underlying attitude is indicated

I assume the "he" above is a reference to me.  Correct?

What do you mean by "ingenerous"?

I find this all very vague.  First of all if you are
referring to something I sent you, exactly what was it?
And did you ever write back to me asking about that
last page?  

And what are you suggesting was my motive in not
sending the last page as you claim?

I also like your reference to "underlying attitude".

One can only wonder what your own "underlying attitude" is
since you prefer to suggest things indirectly instead of speaking
out forthrightly and plainly.

Very puzzled by your present attitude.


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