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Too Many "Messengers," Too Little Time to Sort Through the Morass

Sep 14, 2006 07:48 AM
by danielhcaldwell

After H.P. Blavatsky's death in 1891, numerous individuals have 
claimed to be in contact with her Masters and Adept Teachers and 
have stated that they were new "messengers" of the Masters conveying 
even more esoteric teachings. 

Here is a partial list of the claimants: 

(1) In the 1890s, William Q. Judge said he was in contact with HPB's 
Master Morya as well as the deceased HPB.   Judge claimed he 
precipitated letters from Master M. and gave out further esoteric 

(2) Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater affirmed that they were in 
direct communication with HPB's Masters and the deceased HPB.  They 
gave out various Theosophical teachings in their voluminous writings.

(3) Katherine Tingley, the occult successor of Judge, said she was 
in contact with HPB's Masters and claimed to have met on at least 
two occasions the Master Morya in his physical body.

(4) G. de Purucker, Tingley's successor, testified that the Masters 
M. & K.H. came to visit him in 1929 at Theosophical Society 
headquarters, Point Loma, San Diego, California.  Purucker claimed 
that he was allowed to give out deeper esoteric teachings than HPB, 
Judge or Tingley had given. 

(5) Alice Bailey said she was in contact with Masters K.H. and D.K 
and wrote more than 20 volumes of teachings said to be from D.K. She 
even gave out further installments of the Stanzas of Dzyan.

(6) Mrs. Francia A. La Due (of the Temple of the People) gave out 
messages from the Masters, especially from Hilarion. She also 
published more Stanzas from the Book of Dzyan.

(7) Guy Ballard (of the "I Am" Movement) claimed to be in 
communication with the Masters, especially St. Germain.

(8) Helena Roerich (of the Agni Yoga Society) published some 13 
volumes of communications supposedly from the Master Morya.

(9) Mark Prophet and his wife Elizabeth Clare (of the Church 
Universal and Triumphant) claimed to be the emissaries of the Great 
White Brotherhood and have channeled thousands of messages from El 
Morya, Kut Humi, the Virgin Mary, Hercules, Chastity and a variety 
of other Masters and entities.

(10) Earlyne Chaney (of Astara) believed she was in communication 
with Kut-Hi-Mi and Zoser and other Masters of the Great White 
Brotherhood. She has given out various so-called esoteric and occult 

(11) Nada-Yolanda (of Mark-Age, Inc) has channeled numerous messages 
from M., K.H., and others Masters associated with UFOs.

(12) Max Heindel, Rudolf Steiner, Geoffrey Hodson and George King 
have claimed clairvoyant powers and to be in contact with various 
Masters - Rosicrucian, Theosophical or otherwise.

(13) Other supposed communications from HPB's Masters have come from 
Brother Philip in his book titled Secret of the Andes, from Cyril 
Scott in his series of books starting with The Initiate, and from 
David Anrias in his book Through the Eyes of the Masters.

And the list could go on. . . . 

But who would have the inclination, time and energy to study the 
hundreds of books put out by these various individuals and to try to 
sort through the morass of claims, counterclaims and various 
contradictory teachings given out by these numerous latter-day 
messengers of the Masters?

Instead of trying to wade through even 1/10th of all these latter-
day teachings, it is suggested that inquirers and students of 
Theosophy should turn to HPB's own voluminous writings and seriously 
study them.  

If no other Theosophical writer had ever written a book on Theosophy 
after HPB died in 1891, we would still have more than twenty volumes 
of HPB's own writings to read, study, ponder and apply. And we also 
have The Mahatma Letters and The Letters from the Masters of the 
Wisdom (Series 1 and Series 2) to read and study.  

There is enough metaphysics, occult information, practical advise, 
ethical counsel, devotional material, spiritual exercises, etc. in 
HPB's and the Masters' writings to last most of us a lifetime or two!

Furthermore, why did the Masters want HPB to write all of this 
material if it was to be superseded and supplanted within a 
relatively short period of time by the writings of Bailey, Judge, de 
Purucker, Besant, Leadbeater, Ballard, etc.? 

In 1884, Master KH wrote that "we have broken the silence of 
centuries" in giving out the teachings of Theosophy (as found in 
HPB's writings and the Masters' letters).  Yet far too many students 
of Theosophy down through the decades and even today consider these 
original writings not important enough to read, let alone to study. 

Students of Theosophy can believe or disbelieve in whatever they 
want; they can read and study whatever they choose. But why not go 
to the FOUNTAIN SOURCE of the modern Theosophical Movement (i.e., 
HPB's writings and the letters of the Masters) and study these 
writings - without having these writings filtered through and 
interpreted by later claimants? 

And if students of Theosophy really believe that HPB was in contact 
with Adepts and that she gave out genuine and valuable teachings, 
why not study these teachings instead of those of some latter-day 
claimant whose claims and teachings may or may not be true? 

And with so many individuals claiming to be messengers of the 
Masters, why not study HPB's writings and use the criteria to be 
found in her teachings to test whether later claims and teachings 
are consistent or not, true or false?

Blavatsky Study Center

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