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Re: Theos-World Rudy & the Teachings

Sep 13, 2006 11:46 PM
by Gary Barnhart

Dear Don R.,
Welcome to this site.  I've only been on for a few months myself.
I took a quick look at you web site and after looking at your first thing available under esoteric teachings you use Ledbetter's writings that put down HPB.  What a shame.  What I looked at was the section on the attitude of the student.

I would have thought that The Adyar theosophical group would have learned better by now but it's the same old story all over again.  The subtle and crafty manner it is done through is a marvelous play with words by Ledbetter, [ his way of saying don't pay attention to what HPB had to say].  Patanjali spoke of three ways we learn, by our experience, by testimony of others and by inference.  Who we choose to hear testimony from and to study is super important for us, [ a crucial choice ].

The opposite of what Ledbetter had to say is the best course; study what HPB had to say - get as close to the source as possible.  One of my mentors was W.Q. Judge [ his writings].  His common sense was brilliant and he even set out on the task of making theosophy understandable to the "man on the street".  Those who have missed out or are not acquainted with his writings are missing a blessing of wisdom.   Over and over he recommended getting as close to the sources of wisdom as possible.  People would ask him over and over what to study and do and Judge always pointed to HPB's writings, to the Bhagavad-Gita, The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali, the Upanishads, and the Dhammapada.  From the Upanishads grew the Vedanta School of philosophy.  HPB pointed every student that would listen to get as close to the sources as possible and plainly stated that the truth could be found in the combination of the Vedanta philosophy and in the Mahayana Buddhist philosophy.  

The second object of the original Theosophical Society was purposely set forth to put students feet on the path of truth and away from getting carried off by leaders who would hide their personal ambitions and deluded thinking in a cloak of altruism.  Why students of theosophy cannot see the common sense of getting as close to the original sources is and remains a mystery to me.

What has been said may sound like a far distance from a warm welcome but I sincerely welcome any sincere student and we each can learn with each other.  Please avoid misunderstanding what has been said herein.  I acknowledge sincere students in all societies and even B.P. Wadia originated in the Adyar society and would have stayed if changes could have been made at the time.  B.P Wadia attempted to point back to the teaching of HPB and found it impossible with that leadership.
I am sure there are some who may like to take what has been said herein and tear it to shreds or tear into me.  It's always easier to attack a messenger than the message if the message is disagreed with.

Best regards,
Gary B

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