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Sep 13, 2006 06:21 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Carlos, I will respond to your latest message within the body of the  message.
))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Carlos, you  said:


First of all, I did not mention that you could  comment on the TSA with an 
intention of being ironical.

I respect you and  if we had differences of visions in the past -- my 
'memory' for personal  disagreements erases such past events almost as soon as they 
*****************You have misread my intention. I was not being ironical, or  
sarcastic. I was merely telling you about my present situation at the TS. 
Since  I no longer work at headquarters, I am not privvy to what I used to be 
privvy  to.................We never have had differences of visions in the past, 
that is  your supposition. I respect your passion for theosophy and I respect 
your  knowledge about theosophy. I sincerely hope that you will do better when 
you  publish a book or article and that you will not be judged unfairly or 
unduly  criticized for your efforts.

As to Algeo's work being slanderous, I am  based in the facts as he himself 
states them in his edition of the so-called  "HPB Letters" 
............I believe that he uses the small word "may" when he refers to  
some of the letters.........there is some attempt to disclaim or distance  
himself from the obvious difficulties he publishes  about.-----------------------

Acording to the informations Algeo himself  provides, some 20 per cent of the 
"letters" he publishes in that volume cannnot  be traced to HPB, but their 
origin is basically V. Solovyov, id est, a criminal  liar as everyone knows, a 
slanderer called by H. S. Olcott "fifty times worse  than the Coulombs" ("Old 
Diary Leaves"). Other false letters are traced to the  clever persons of the 
London SPR in the 19th century,whose bias and frauds have  been revealed by 
Vernon Harrison, Leslie Price and other SPR members in the  1980s. 

Having worked for ten years with an NGO on environmental law  enforcement, 
including in the ecosystems themselves, I am used to work with  evidences. I 
will try to bring more facts here of the unhappy and unfortunate  "work" done by 
John Algeo.. 
.................Other evidences would be welcomed, since so far I do not  
believe that Algeo has deliberately slandered anyone. Publishing letters written 
 by others, slanderers or not, does not indicate his own beliefs, nor does it 
 indicate that he agrees with the published letters. Just because there can 
be  found FACTS does not necessarily indicate  TRUTH.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 
end of my comments..............and you continue: 
And I do that not only because you asked me to do so. I do that because I  
hope that, if Algeo will ever publish a SECOND volume of "Letters of HPB", he  
will improve his work; and, if he will ever publish a second edition of that  
first volume with "Letters of HPB -- False and True", he will correct some of  
his more slanderous editorial practices. 

As you know, Radha Burnier  agreed with me that those Letters are "obviously 
spurious" (her words). And the  first national secretary of the Adyar TS in 
Brazil (not the "president") wrote a  letter to Algeo with her protests over the 

Among several other  persons from several countries. 

I have nothing to say about John Algeo  as a person. But his editorial 
practice has been treacherous and I would be  happy to see it corrected by himself. 

Peaceful regards, Carlos Cardoso  Aveline. 

Data:Tue, 12 Sep 2006 20:05:11 EDT

Assunto:Re:  Theos-World TSA'S MISSION STATEMENT

> Carlos, my knowledge about the  power politics of Dr. Algeo is not 
> up-to-date, nor am I priviledged to  understand his motivation in using 
some of the HPB 
> "Letters", which you  find slanderous, and I merely find controversial. 
> Carlos, I have  been wondering if you can provide proof positive that what 
> have  been saying about the controversial "Letters" is true? Or do you 
>  hold an opinion, one of thousands such, without having real, verifiable 
>  evidence that is required to continually make the statements that you  
> As to the mission statement, I do not agree with the  changes that are 
> proposed (or have been approved, I know not)  because there was nothing 
> with the old mission statement, nor do  I approve changing the wording of 
> 3Objects. Adyar TSA is prone to  edit books that were previously written, 
> not adding anything  substantial or new to the edited versions. Perhaps, 
> once, John  Algeo wanted to stun us with something new when he put in the 
> so-called  spy letters. I don't know.
> I do appreciate your passion,  Carlos. But, if you have evidence, I am 
> to receive it. By the  way, we have met, in the 1990s, while we were both 
> attending a retreat  at Krotona.
> Marie
>  ____________  ______  ______  _
> John Algeo's power  politics and his slandering of HPB in the edition of 
> "Letters" is  much more important than such a re-writing of the mission 
> statement.  
> Unfortunately, Ms. Katinka actively supported that slandering  in a letter 
> published in FOHAT magazine. By adopting the Coulombs' lies  and saying 
> "HPB may have faked phonemena", Ms. Katinka was not  kind to the truth of 
> facts, nor to HPB; and she also lied in the  good company of Mr. V. 
Solovyov and 
> like-minded scoundrels. 
> Anyway, there still are lots of sincere theosophists in the TSA, some  of 
> whom I met personally in the 1990s. Perhaps some of them -- as  Marie, for 
> instance -- may give us here an inside perspective on how  things are now. 
> Regards, Carlos. 

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