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Sep 13, 2006 04:20 AM
by Alaya

better algeo than radha

--- In, MarieMAJ41@... wrote:
> Carlos, my knowledge about the power politics of Dr. Algeo is not  
> up-to-date, nor am I priviledged to understand his motivation in
using some of  the HPB 
> "Letters", which you find slanderous, and I merely find 
controversial. But, 
> Carlos, I have been wondering if you can provide proof  positive
that what you 
> have been saying about the controversial "Letters" is  true? Or do
you merely 
> hold an opinion, one of thousands such, without having  real,
> evidence that is required to continually make the statements  that
you make.
> As to the mission statement, I do not agree with the changes that
are being  
> proposed (or have been approved, I know not) because there was
nothing wrong  
> with the old mission statement, nor do I approve changing the
wording of the  
> 3Objects. Adyar TSA is prone to edit books that were previously
written, and 
> not  adding anything substantial or new to the edited versions.
Perhaps, for 
> once,  John Algeo wanted to stun us with something new when he put
in the 
> so-called spy  letters. I don't know.
> I do appreciate your passion, Carlos. But, if you have evidence, I
am ready  
> to receive it. By the way, we have met, in the 1990s, while we were
> attending a retreat at Krotona.
> Marie
> __________________________________
> John Algeo's power politics and his  slandering of HPB in the
edition of her 
> "Letters" is much more important than  such a re-writing of the mission 
> statement. 
> Unfortunately, Ms. Katinka  actively supported that slandering in a
> published in FOHAT magazine. By  adopting the Coulombs' lies and
saying that 
> "HPB may have faked phonemena", Ms.  Katinka was not kind to the
truth of the 
> facts, nor to HPB; and she also lied in  the good company of Mr. V.
Solovyov and 
> like-minded scoundrels. 
> Anyway,  there still are lots of sincere theosophists in the TSA,
some of 
> whom I met  personally in the 1990s. Perhaps some of them -- as
Marie, for 
> instance -- may  give us here an inside perspective on how things
are now. 
> Regards,  Carlos. 
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