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Re: Theos-World Re: A Question to Jake

Sep 12, 2006 06:55 PM
by Cass Silva

All I can say is that it sounds like something a master would say, and the message is cogent.  Pity we can't see the trees for the forest.

Mark Jaqua <> wrote:                                  Re:  A Question to... Moi!
    Yes, Dan, I guess you did mention 
 some people who HAD seen the full 1900 
 letter, and kept their opinion regardless.  
 At the end of the letter in the Eclectic 
 you refer to is the quote from Editor 
 Small below - So I guess even the ULT's 
 Official Position (I know.. they don't 
 have any!) is a tentative assertion 
 that the letter is Bona Fide.  THIS 
 one accepts the letter or not doesn't 
 affect basic shared Theosophical Tenets.
 It seems the overwhelming majority think
 it was a bona fide KH letter regardless.
     The end of all logic is CONFUSION.  
 In between it does some good.
              - jake j.
    "(the correspondent) is referred to 
 pages 296-7 of the volume 'The Theosophical 
 Movement, 1875-1950' issued by the United 
 Lodge of Theosophists, Los Angeles.  The 
 1900 Letter under the question is therein 
 quoted, and comment on it seems to express 
 a 'ULT' tacit endorsement of its bona fides." 
 (Eclectic # 103, p. 12)  
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