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Re: Theos-World Great Adepts and Trained Seers

Sep 12, 2006 06:46 PM
by Cass Silva

As HPB stated in your earlier postings, without the assistance of her master, her higher self would have remained dormant.  Yet we, who are far less evolved, imagine that we can awaken our higher selves through meditation and studying. Perhaps this is so for a Shah or a Sankyayachara but not for mere evolving blips like us, in the meantime, all we can do is prepare for the day we realise our own immortality.


danielhcaldwell <> wrote:                                  Great Adepts and Trained Seers:
 Knowledge of Spiritual Facts by 
 Personal Experience and from Actual Observation
 The recognition of the higher phases of man's being on this planet 
 is not to be attained by mere acquirement of knowledge.  Volumes of 
 the most perfectly constructed information cannot reveal to man life 
 in the higher regions.   One has to get a knowledge of spiritual 
 facts by personal experience and from actual observation. 
 Read more at:
 Blavatsky Study Center

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