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Sep 12, 2006 05:05 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Carlos, my knowledge about the power politics of Dr. Algeo is not  
up-to-date, nor am I priviledged to understand his motivation in using some of  the HPB 
"Letters", which you find slanderous, and I merely find  controversial. But, 
Carlos, I have been wondering if you can provide proof  positive that what you 
have been saying about the controversial "Letters" is  true? Or do you merely 
hold an opinion, one of thousands such, without having  real, verifiable 
evidence that is required to continually make the statements  that you make.
As to the mission statement, I do not agree with the changes that are being  
proposed (or have been approved, I know not) because there was nothing wrong  
with the old mission statement, nor do I approve changing the wording of the  
3Objects. Adyar TSA is prone to edit books that were previously written, and 
not  adding anything substantial or new to the edited versions. Perhaps, for 
once,  John Algeo wanted to stun us with something new when he put in the 
so-called spy  letters. I don't know.
I do appreciate your passion, Carlos. But, if you have evidence, I am ready  
to receive it. By the way, we have met, in the 1990s, while we were both  
attending a retreat at Krotona.
John Algeo's power politics and his  slandering of HPB in the edition of her 
"Letters" is much more important than  such a re-writing of the mission 

Unfortunately, Ms. Katinka  actively supported that slandering in a letter 
published in FOHAT magazine. By  adopting the Coulombs' lies and saying that 
"HPB may have faked phonemena", Ms.  Katinka was not kind to the truth of the 
facts, nor to HPB; and she also lied in  the good company of Mr. V. Solovyov and 
like-minded scoundrels. 

Anyway,  there still are lots of sincere theosophists in the TSA, some of 
whom I met  personally in the 1990s. Perhaps some of them -- as Marie, for 
instance -- may  give us here an inside perspective on how things are now. 

Regards,  Carlos. 

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