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What did Mrs. Besant think about this 1900 KH Letter?

Sep 11, 2006 01:30 PM
by danielhcaldwell

When Mrs. Besant received this 1900 KH Letter,
what was her initial reaction?

What did she think about the letter?  Did she
believe that Master KH had actually sent it
to her?  Or that some one had played a trick on

Did she tell anyone about receiving this letter?
or show the letter and its contents to anyone?

Did she tell Olcott or Leadbeater about the letter?

Once I did search Olcott's actual handwritten diaries for
1900 thru 1902 and could find no reference to this
letter.  I was hoping that maybe he had a meeting with
her and she mentioned the letter and he noted that in
his diary....

I'm wondering if Mrs. Besant noted in her own
personal diary the receipt of this letter.

Or did she write to anyone about this letter?

Or did she simply ignore it and keep it 
among her papers????...

Maybe one of these days, more may be found out
about what she thought of this letter.


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