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Carlos, I hope you are not suggesting.... & other reflections

Sep 11, 2006 12:35 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You wrote:

"The analysis of the 1900 Letter goes far beyond what one or other 
of us thought and wrote in those first 'emotional' moments, after 
the full text of the letter was finally discovered and published...."

I hope you are NOT trying to suggest that the opinions of Dallas 
TenBroeck, Vernon Harrison and Walter Carrithers about the 1900 KH 
Letter were nothing but what they thought and wrote in those 
FIRST "emotional" moments.  

They held their opinions years after the full text was published in 
THE ECLECTIC THEOSOPHIST.  In other words, they had a good number of 
years to carefully reflect and ponder on the full text of this 
letter.  From what they wrote and also from what they said in 
conversations about the 1900 letter (some of which I had with them), 
I gather that they had definite "non-emotional" reasons for holding 
the views that they did.

I just wanted to make that point clear.

Moving on.....

As I reflect on the various and differing views held about the 1900 
KH letter, I think that these contradictory opinions by various long-
time students of the Blavatsky and Mahatma literature should give 
each of us ---  PAUSE.

What is obvious to us may not be at all obvious to someone else!! 

How subjective (and unrealiable??) is OUR OWN "take" on this KH 

It appears that equally sincere and knowledgeable students of 
Theosophy can come to totally opposite views!!

Is our own "view" really any better or truer than theirs??

In fact, none of us may be in a good position or have the adequate 
knowledge or insight to really KNOW whether the 1900 letter was 
written by the real Mahatma KH or forged by some other person...

And concerning Harrison's opinion of the 1900 letter, IF Harrison is 
wrong and the 1900 letter was NOT a forgery as he contends, then 
what else might Harrison be wrong about in his report about other 
Mahatma letters??  This is an observation made by one of my 

Some food for thought...



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