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Fast Incarnation

Sep 11, 2006 05:03 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Fast incarnation
   Thanks to Carlos for posting the 
1900 Letter and the comments.  I 
think it is genuine.  Who else could 
write about "service to that Supreme 
Spirit alone"?  What Dan doesn't say 
about the people who thought it was a 
phoney letter (except Harrison?) is 
that none of them saw the whole letter, 
as the Adyar version was excerpted, 
until the Eclectic published the whole 
letter in 1900.  E. Small said that 
someone just sent it to him out of the 
blue, and didn't say who.  Endersby 
didn't think it was genuine either.
    The Tibetan "tulku" is an example 
of a fast re-incarnation that John 
refers to, and the reincarnating Lamas.  
I doubt this is such a rare thing, but 
consist of people who have a strong 
desire to continue their spiritual or 
work for humanity.  I think they have 
help getting another body, like Judge 
and the sick Irish boy.  Purucker 
states his own experience in an article 
in the High Country Theosophist.  It 
is probably a natural process too, of 
leaving devachan early because of the 
desire.  (See Barborka's "HPB, Tibet 
and Tulku")  People NEED a devachan too 
(except the adept), just like one needs 
to sleep.  Purucker refers somewhere to 
a chela who had taken too many incarnations 
in a row without Devachan, and could no 
longer maintain his concentration on the 
world, and would keep drifting off.  He 
regarded it as somewhat pathetic, if I 
remember right, which seemed rather strange, 
since it was the result of a spiritual 
motivation.  Mother Nature takes no prisoners!  
K.H. writes in the MLs about the 
near-dispairing state of the adept who 
goes on through an act of will without 
the rest and lapse in self-consciousness 
of Devachan. Since Death is analogous to 
Sleep, I think almost no one is aware 
that they have died, just as you are not 
aware when you pass into sleep and don't 
say to yourself "I am asleep now."  
Perhaps it is a "realer" experience than 
just dreaming, as a part of the 
consciousness is no longer tied to 
the body after a while, as it is in dreaming.
     Marie says that Judge suffered 
from an "inferiority complex."  Well, 
at least that is all tied up now, and 
we understand Judge.  Thanks for such 
an all-encompasing masterly analysis 
of Judge.  Now we don't have to consider 
what they guy was all about anymore!
     A moment of silence for the 3000 
or so who died in the crashing World 
Trade Center buildings in N.Y. 5 years 
ago today.  (Similar frequent Tradgedies 
in other countries doen't seem to get 
the press.)  The N.Y. Empire State Building 
(formerly tallest bldg in the world) had 
a bomber crash into it once, with no 
structural damage - which makes one wonder 
about modern construction.
           - jake j. 

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