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Re: Theos-World Todays Question?

Sep 10, 2006 08:31 PM
by bta1012003

Dear Gary & Rudy:

This is my conjecture:

I see the concept that Gary brought up is specifically on Atma-
Buddhi, the DUAD spiritual universal principle.  On its OWN plane, 
it is beyond karma and is not conscious of the lower planes.  I 
think this is an important point in Theosophy because this concept 
separates Theosophy from and many other psuedo traditions.  The 
quote that comes to mind is from the Gita   Having pervaded this 
whole universe with one fragment of Myself, I remain. ...

In contrast, the quote from the Transactions is on Atma - Buddhi - 
Higher Manas, the Spiritual Ego TRIAD.  They are close but not 
exactly the same.  In a way, the Higher Manas is the link between 
the duad and the lower.  In Farthing's When We Die, the chart on the 
last page shows,  "Universal Principle, World Soul, Individual to 
Man only by assimilated part of 5th principle."  

Warm regards,


> Dear Gary,
> If that is the case, how come that in Transactions it is said 
> the Spiritual Ego pays for the transgressions of the personality.  
> Isn't there a contradiction? To me the Spiritual Ego is very close 
> Buddhi since it is Manas illuminated by Buddhi.
> Rodolfo Don
> On Sep 10, 2006, at 7:54 AM, Gary Barnhart wrote:
> > Dear Carlos,
> > Perhaps it may be beneficial to ask questions each day rather 
> > present quotes. I am open to suggestions.
> > Today's question:
> > In ' The Key" HPB said that "atma and buddhi are beyond karma 
> > are not conscious on this plane." What does this mean ?
> >
> > Gary B.
> >
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