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Re: Theos-World Common Themes or Topics?

Sep 09, 2006 09:49 PM
by Gary Barnhart

Dear Chuck,
Everyone's intolerance matters including yours.  I can for example refuse to acknowledge you and leave you or anyone else to their karma.  In this case I choose to acknowledge your reply.  For some reason you choose to play an opposing view at times which is something I see in a lot of my attorney friends, and that's your choice.  I think the "tone" within a sincere theosophical site is important.  Also, what I have thus far observed  only reinforces to me the continued need for in-person groups regardless of their label.  People get away with stuff here that would not be found acceptable within a person to person setting.

Secondly, since I have participated in this site, generally all I have seen from you has been extremely little theosophy and a lot of cute-sey remarks that have not been very contributory or added much theosophical insight.   Your argumentative remarks really are saying more about you than about anyone else.  I look forward to the day when you wish to make more meaningful contributions and encourage you to consider do so.  These are my observations and if I see these so plainly do you not think other's do also?   Also, if you would please consider doing so, if you wish to quote me please do so in context of the overall theme and letter. Thanks.
Gary B.
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  There is only a few things that I choose to not tolerate and that is the 
  attacking of fellow sincere students , and especially the masters and HPB, even 
  though they also never claimed infallibility [to be beyond error].

  You say that as though your intolerance somehow matters.

  Chuck the Heretic

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