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Common Themes or Topics?

Sep 09, 2006 06:55 AM
by Gary Barnhart

Sept. 9, 2006

Dear friends,

Perhaps this has been suggested on this site or not.  Would you like to choose a common topic, book, or more narrow area of theosophy and explore it together? This can focus our energy and concentration with a possibly greater insight gained by all of us.
In my view this site contains a large amount of "experienced" theosophy students and even so with a lot of variable ideas and degrees of understanding.

We are also like a family of brothers and sisters who have younger siblings who are watching us and crave to participate.  Thus all must be welcome without any putdowns whatsoever.  Acknowledging this reality, with any topic there will be degrees of understanding which must be tolerated and accepted.  We need to be able to agree to disagree without taking such disagreement as a personal attack or offense or affront.

There are also students who have intensely studied certain areas who have a great deal to contribute to even more experienced students.  As an example, Daniel and perhaps others have studied Indian philosophical history and some of the context in which their philosophies have grown.  Those types of insights can be very valuable to understanding theosophy as that knowledge is a part of theosophy.

Anything put into language and words is subject to imperfection and misunderstanding so I would caution all of us to choose our words carefully.
There is only a few things that I choose to not tolerate and that is the attacking of fellow sincere students , and especially the masters and HPB, even though they also never claimed infallibility [to be beyond error].

Therefore let there be peace as if we were sitting in a room together, which in a broad view we are.
Now, back to my original question in this letter.  I would suggest the study of 'The Voice Of Silence'.   Another topic is to look at the historical context of the Vedas and other Indian philosophy. What do you wish?

Respectfully, and with warm regards,
Gary B

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