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Re: Theos-World Koot Hoomi on the Location of God

Sep 08, 2006 01:38 PM
by Gary Barnhart

Gentlemen and Friends,

May a little insert be added to this discussion by the most wonderful messenger HPB:
>From "The Key To Theosophy":

HPB said "nor is it by studying one single

 branch of the esoteric philosophy, that a man becomes an occultist, but by studying them

.. all [p 24].  She further states that "This is Aryan philosophy, fully represented

 by the VENDANTINS [ a school of Hindu philosophy which has its inner and outer

 teachings], and the BUDDHIST system."  The Buddhist system that held this Hindu

 philosophy is the Mahayana school [with its inner and outer teachings, p77&78], to

 which Mr. Sids Arharts retired [p13,14,43] . 

[ pardon me, as I took this from another letter which has nothing to do with theos-world, and in that letter Mr. Sid is meant respectfully as Gautama Buddha]

Best Regards,

Gary B

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