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Important Words by HPB

Sep 08, 2006 11:44 AM
by danielhcaldwell


"Every reader will inevitably judge the statements made [that is 
here in THE SECRET DOCTRINE] from the stand-point of HIS OWN 
knowledge, experience, and consciousness, based on what he has 
ALREADY LEARNT." caps added

This simple statement by HPB seems to me have a world of meaning --- 
in fact, her words may have a great deal of importance that can be 
applied (for example) to our own personal studies of Theosophy.

ALL of us might do well to keep foremost in our own minds the 
possibility that our own knowledge, our own experience and our own 
consciousness may be limited (possibly quite limited!!!) and 
therefore incomplete (sometimes seriously incomplete!)  Therefore, 
we should constantly be asking ourselves:  

Do I really understand this?

Could I be wrong in my understanding?

What am I not taking into acount?

What is limiting my understanding?

And similar questions....

For example, Hugh Shearman apparently considers the views given in
Mahatma Letter #10 (as given in the first three editions of the 
Mahatma Letters)about "God" as "unbalanced" and even not true.  

But is Shearman's view on the same subject any more "balanced"?  
And balanced in light of what????

Even more important, is Shearman's own "stand-point" which is 
presumably based on "HIS OWN knowledge, experience, and 
consciousness" actually LIMITING his understanding of what the 
Mahatma writes in Letter #10?

Certainly these are questions Shearman should have asked himself.  
If not, I would hope other students would ask those and other 
pertinent questions in trying to judge/assess Shearman's statements 
and their merits.


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