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Re: Theos-World Mr. Judge's Close Relationship with Mrs. Tingley

Sep 08, 2006 08:12 AM
by adelasie

Hi Marie,

I am reminded of how I felt about HPB after reading , "The Caves and 
Jungles of Hindustan." It was as if her personality was suddenly very 
close and clear to me, as if I knew her personally, and I started 
speculating about her personal life, like I might about a friend. But 
then someone suggested to me that such a great adept as HPB could 
create any persona needed for the work at hand, and that who she 
really was was not a personality at all. It's the inner connection 
that we feel, that connection that transcends the material plane. We 
translate it into the terms we are familiar with, but it's pretty 
difficult to know about the personal lives of the great ones. In a 
sense they are all of us. 

In the case of WQJ, I believe he did have a rather unhappy marriage. 
He said once in answer to a question about marriage and divorce, that 
an unhappy marriage is just a way to pay a karmic debt, and, as it 
only lasts one lifetime, one might as well just make the best of it. 
(my paraphrase of course) Such a great soul as he was (is!), as 
humble and altruistic as one can even imagine, he would most likely 
not have wasted any time or energy on any personal activities that 
would have been detrimental to others, or to the work. Our historical 
perspective can easily misinterpret the closeness in which the 
founders worked. They were doing a tremendous work for humanity, and 
they necessarily were much together. But we might best be respectful 
of them and their personal lives, if we hope to continue to carry out 
their legacy. 

Your interest in WQJ may lead you to discover much that will be 
beneficial to you and your aspirations. Enjoy it!

On 7 Sep 2006 at 22:53, wrote:

> Hi Adelaise, thanks for your response to my question regarding exact nature  
> of Judge's and Tingley's close relationship. I have read some of the Judge  
> material, and have deduced from what I have read that Tingley and Judge were  
> kindred spirits, known to each other from previous lives, and that Judge [it  
> seems to me] was lonely for and hungry for some understanding, acceptance and  
> recognition.  This he amptly received from Tingley.
> Although he was married, I do not know whether his marriage was successful.  
> It seems to me, not. Judge, though a great man and theosophist, aligned 
> himself  first with H.P.B., then with Besant, then with Tingley. All women. His  
> psychological profile is suggestive of a man with a sense of inferiority  
> complex. Do I read too much into the unspoken? Probably.
> Marie
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