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Katinka and Dallas on the 1900 KH Letter

Sep 08, 2006 07:01 AM
by danielhcaldwell

In a posting on Theos-Talk in Sept 2003, we find that
Katinka Hesselink writes the following concerning the
1900 KH Letter to Mrs. Besant:

"Personally, based on the content of the letter, I think it was 

Dallas TenBreock replies giving his estimation of the 1900 KH letter:

"...I did say I doubted the letter was genuine as I read it. It sounds 
as though a psychic delivered it. To me, it has little or none of the
straight sure delivery of the MAHATMA LETTERS (Barker Edn.) if they are
to be taken as models of the Mahatma's writing and thinking in the
English language. To me the[r]e is a very clear distinction."

Quoted from:


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