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Visualization, etc.

Sep 08, 2006 04:30 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Visualizing, et. al.
    Instead of all sorts of "outside" 
exercises, even if one imagines it "inside" 
oneself,  I think the best of all long-term 
processes is simply a Constant Observation 
of states and moods Within Oneself.  This 
in time, guided by external philosophy, 
Leads to Everything else.  I think my 
favorite Blavatsky quote is probably 
the following:
 "As mankind multiplies, and 
with it suffering - which is the natural 
result of an increasing number of units 
that generate it - sorrow and pain are 
intensified.  We live in an atmosphere 
of gloom and despair, but this is because 
our eyes are downcast and rivetted to 
the earth, with all its physical and 
grossly material manifestations. If, 
instead of that, man proceeding on his 
life-journey looked - not heavenward, 
which is but a figure of speech - but 
within himself and centered his point 
of observation on the inner man, he would 
soon escape from the coils of the great 
serpent of illusion.  From the cradle 
to the grave, his life would then become 
supportable and worth living, even in 
its worst phases. "
     (from "The Origin 
of Evil",  Lucifer, October, 1887) 
                - jake j.

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