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Re: [jcs-online] Numerology redoux (on electromagnetic field theories)

Sep 07, 2006 11:38 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 8/16/06 9:55:27 AM, writes:

> [Augustin]
> There appears to be a law of nature applying in the field of consciousness
> studies to the effect that the more fascinated a thinker is with
> electromagnetic field patterns, aka, auras and things that sparkle (spikes)
> the more confused is his or her understanding of the questions involved. The
> awe these bright lights inspire in sciental non-scientists -- that is,
> people who while conversant in the newest scientific theories, didn't have a
> dirty-hands rapport with physics during their formative years -- is such
> that they tend to believe that there must be a revelation in them somewhere.
> And this is why to them it seems so obvious that just because there is an
> incalculable number of electromagnetic fields interacting and doing god
> knows what with each other in the brain it must follow that consciousness is
> right in there, in that electro-magical mass, ready to be observed.
> What people who think in these terms fail to understand is that these
> patterns, and holographic shapes of all sorts are as spurious to
> consciousness as the dissipating heat from an engine is to the engine's
> purpose, which is to convert energy from one type to another. They are like
> the aurora borealis, beautiful, but just a flash in the celestial pan.
> Electromagnetic fields are undoubtedly involved in consciousness, but on a
> different level, a mechanical one: making charges move in order to generate
> an ordered event flow so that cause and effect can be established, not
> unlike their role in an electronic circuit. The auras and the patterns, and
> the spikes for that matter, beautiful as they are, are so much by-product.
> Flashes in a MRI pan.
> Yes, every time we raise an arm or crack a smile the patterns shift. But so
> what? The same thing happens to the heat coming off an engine every time we
> step on the gas -- what matters is what the pistons are doing. In the same
> way, what matters for the brain is the causal train of events that determine
> its efficacy. What the electromagneticists do not seem to grasp is that in
> order for a theory based on these empiric auras to hold water, it must show
> how the mechanism that generates consciousness arises from those auras. In
> other words, granting that the auras are real, tangible, how do they
> organize to generate consciousness? And, given that according to cherished
> scientific principles no closed system can modify itself, what makes them
> organize?
> Beauty is creating havoc in skin-deep learned circles around the world
> nowadays, witness not only the intelligent-design brigade being unable to
> comprehend how such beautiful creatures as we find around every day could
> possibly be the result of ugly, uninspired evolution, but also the efforts
> to turns patterns into meaning. The starry-eyed have a patron saint: even
> Aristotle thought that there was deep meaning hidden in whole numbers just
> because they were so beautiful. But he had an excuse, he had only so much
> time to explain the world.
> [Leon]
Here's a logical interpretation of my direct introspective experience that 
contradicts most of the these negative opinions... Although I agree that the 
measurements of electromagnetic fields in the brain that arise whenever we 
experience a mental image or sensory impression have little to do with explaining 
the actual source, experience, or mechanisms of consciousness, including the 
binding of mind to brain.   However, whether or not this is true of the supposed 
auric fields of the mystics and metaphysical philosophers, is another story 
altogether. :-)

But, first I must say that it's quite evident that electrodynamics has to be 
the means whereby sensory images, thoughts, ideation's, visions, memories, 
etc., are transformed and transmitted through the brain and mind to the centers 
of perception related to each sensory experience, wherever they are located 
relative to the body as a whole -- including ALL of its surrounding radiant 
energy fields.   

And, consciousness per se (as awareness, will, discernment, discrimination, 
etc.) cannot be "something (i.e., object, field, image, etc.) to be 
observed"...   But must be the perfect emptiness of an absolute zero-point that is the 
observer itself (i.e., the seat of both subjective awareness and projective will 
or force of intent) -- that, while ubiquitous throughout all of space, cannot 
be located anywhere except outside of all metric space and time... Since, it 
is the static, timeless, and dimensionless center point of every fractally 
involved spherical coenergetic field surrounding it, and that is between each 
such static zero-point and the quantum and sub quantum energy fields ("quantum 
foam") that are fed by the zero-point's spinergy, G-force, or near infinite -- 
yet still finite angular momentum (ZPE).   We might call this locale "Null S
pace" if not "Absolute space" -- which is everywere in metric space... And, 
therefore, "entangled," as the physicists might say.   Which, BTW, might account 
for so called "quantum action at distance," as well as the unity of gravity and 
fundamental space, that ties together all physical entities from quantum 
particles to galactic clusters, black holes and quasars, etc.   

IOW, consciousness must be the function of the zero-point at each level of 
progressive substantiality (orders or phases of frequency energy spectra) 
originating in the fundamental spinergy of that zero-point and ending with the 
electroweak forces of quantum materiality in our metric space-time continuum.   
Therefore, awareness and will must be experienced and initiated in and from that 
absolutely inert zero-point-instant centr of origin (of force, motion, time, 

What other fixed reference point could there be to instantaneously and 
minutely subjecively determine, distinguish and discriminate relatively ... 
(1) the smoothly and continuously graduated differences of shade, color and 
tint between pure darkness (blackness) and pure light (whiteness)?
(2) The similarly progressive differences of duration between one event and 
(3) The similarly progressive differences in spatial metric between one 
position of a moving object and another?
(4) The similarly progressive differences in acceleration between one 
velocity and another?
(5) The similarly progressive differences pertaining to weight, temperature, 
pressure, etc.?

>From a purely introspective POV... I "see" the visual image in my mind's eye 
as a perfect replica of the objective space or scene outside of my physical 
eyes (brain).   Yet, I know, counter intuitively, that such image is entirely 
within the confines of my physical being and that other sensory impressions are 
located within its most extended space as far as I can stretch my body. How 
else to consciously experience a pain at the tip of a finger or toe? ... A 
smell, in the nose? ... A taste on the tongue, etc.?   And, even -- to stretch my 
auric body (which might include my mind field) as far as it can go, the sight 
of a distant star or galaxy?   

The only way I can imagine such a possibility, both logically and 
philosophically (if not scientifically) is that the perceived image in the mind is 
carried as a wave interference patterned hologram on the surface of an 
electromagnetic field analog... Produced first, (and assembled) by the brain's visual 
cortex along with other parts of the brain. (How? I'll leave to the neuroscientists 
to determine.)   And transmitted, as a wave interference patterned hologram, 
from the brain's EM field to a higher order field of mind stuff originating 
from and surrounding my point of (visual) observation located, as I experience 
and know it to be, in the exact center of my brain behind my eyes and between 
my ears.   

This EM hologram is then reconstructed -- by a higher order coherent inner 
light ray of inquiry projected willfully from my (visually aware) zero-point's 
encircling spinergy (infinite angular momentum that, I would assume, also feeds 
the energy perturbations of the quantum vacuum) -- into a holographic image 
that I experience directly in that zero-point of consciousness by reflection 
(or as a back EMF) of that projected "Inquiray." The 3-D depth effect of the 
hologram being created by the interference pattern of the twin coherent light 
rays that strikes corresponding cones in the left and right eye at a commonly 
variable angle of incidence depending on the object-point distance from the lens 

Incidentally, could the possibility of such observational rays of inquiry 
(because of EM interference at the sub-quantum level) also account for quantum 
indeterminacy, collapse of the wave function, or other anomalies and apparent 
paradoxes that prevent relativity from being merged with quantum theory, etc.?

Considering the multidimensional "hyperspace" fields of string theories as 
well as my ABC model of pre physical fractal fields of descending orders of 
frequency energy, could there be a simpler and more parsimonious way of explaining 
conscious experience?   

Apparently (and, experientially, as far as my individual consciousness is 
concerned) -- even though scientists may scoff at such an explanation -- it fits 
in perfectly with all neurological theories and holographic paradigms that 
consider the *contents of consciousness* as being of an electromagnetic nature 
rather than being materially dependent on quantum particles and/or their field 
effects, or on the brain's neurological complexity ...   Although, QFT and 
string theories may be getting close to filling in the gaps of linking 
consciousness to matter and all its subordinate and derivative energy fields, while 
unifying both relativity and quantum physics -- provided they would consider that 
consciousness is the inherent function of the zero-point itself, that its 
accompanying spinergy is the source of energy underlying the "quantum foam" and all 
quantum particles, while also accepting the subjective evidence of this EM 
holographic image within our own minds being the exact 3-dimensional replica of 
the surrounding world scene that we have learned to see (experience) as being 
"out there" rather than in here. 

For, how could it not be so -- since the image of sidereal light we think we 
are seeing ends at the 2-D plane of our retinas, and the inner light we 
actually see is generated solely within the confines of our brain-mind?   The only 
questions they need to ask are; From what?   From where?   How?   And, then, 
work on trying to devise an experimental and/or mathematical means to verify it.

I hope this new paradigmatic view of fundamental reality offers enough food 
for thought for some enterprising and brilliant physicists to change their 
point of view and begin closing the gap between the zero and infinity of 
relativity, and the one and many of quantum physics... To tie them together with the 
strings and loop quantum gravity at today's cutting edges of philosophical 
science and scientific philosophy... So as to derive a true unified field theory of 
everything -- that might be capable of verification by both subjective and 
objective evidence.   

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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