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Re: Theos-World Mr. Judge's Close Relationship with Mrs. Tingley

Sep 07, 2006 07:54 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Hi Adelaise, thanks for your response to my question regarding exact nature  
of Judge's and Tingley's close relationship. I have read some of the Judge  
material, and have deduced from what I have read that Tingley and Judge were  
kindred spirits, known to each other from previous lives, and that Judge [it  
seems to me] was lonely for and hungry for some understanding, acceptance and  
recognition.  This he amptly received from Tingley.
Although he was married, I do not know whether his marriage was successful.  
It seems to me, not. Judge, though a great man and theosophist, aligned 
himself  first with H.P.B., then with Besant, then with Tingley. All women. His  
psychological profile is suggestive of a man with a sense of inferiority  
complex. Do I read too much into the unspoken? Probably.
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Historical research aside (I'm sure it has its place), I  suggest if 
you are interested in WQJ and have not already done so, that  you 
study his writings. He left enough that any student could well spend  
a lot of time learning from him. And the sensitive reader will  
discover a lot about who WQJ really was from his writing. He gave the  
world a tremendous amount of information, all very valuable and 
useful  to a sincere student. But the questions that swirl around his 
memory can  be laid to rest if one simply goes to the source and 
absorbs the aura  still potently present there. He was a great adept 
who sacrificed  tremendously for the benefit of humanity. If we 
students of his work, as  the trusted assistant of HPB, want to know, 
we can. It really isn't  necessary to speculate at all. He offered all 
he was to us, if we will  just take the time to honor his  gift.


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