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Visualization or Otherwise

Sep 07, 2006 08:22 AM
by carlosaveline

Adelasie, Barbara, 

It is not so difficult to find an underlying unity beneath diversity of thought. I agree in a considerable extent with what you both wrote below.  

I would add: 

1) Each one has to make his or her own decisions as to what to do, since the karma-harvest will be his own; 

2) The purity or otherwise of real  motives and intentions (sometimes unconscious)  is  of the essence in the process which determines what the harvest will be. 

Regards,  Carlos.


Data:Thu, 07 Sep 2006 08:03:30 -0700

Assunto:Re: Theos-World Re: Visualization

> Hi Barbara,
> You bring up a good point. Visualization, or any other occult work, 
> needs always to be prefaced with the conscious dedication to the 
> general benefit of all. The phrase, "Thy Will, not mine, be done," is 
> an excellent focus. The student can offer what he or she has or may 
> do that may be of assistance, but when we start deciding what that 
> might be or how it should be used, we get onto a pretty slippery 
> slope. The student is warned, "Let go of attachment to the results of 
> your actions."
> It occurs to me that one possible reason for the teaching about 
> visualizing improved conditions for humanity, such as world peace, 
> might pertain to the fact that we may, in a future incarnation, have 
> something to do with furthering that cause in a more substantial way. 
> If we have laid some mental groundwork, so to speak, our future 
> selves might find it a bit easier to function effectively. Examples 
> can be found in daily living. If I want to make a dress, it behooves 
> me to have a pattern, to understand completely the process as far as 
> I might, before I cut the fabric, or I will end up wasting material 
> and time and effort. "As above, so below," is another useful 
> aphorism.
> Adelasie
> > The second kind of practice aims at bringing in specific results 
> > with the use of the creative imagination, practices like picturing 
> > monetary abundance in one's life to peace on earth. The drawbacks, 
> > I see, from this discipline is, 1. One is locked in presupposition 
> > of certain outcomes; 2. It has the potential to block the unveiling 
> > of truth since one is consumed by what one wants to see; 3. One is 
> > still imprisoned by the five senses. 4. One is adding more layers 
> > to one's illusion. 
> > 
> > For example, what if the world is not supposed to be peaceful at 
> > this time? What if there is a reason and purpose to the unrest in 
> > the world, waiting for students to unlock its meaning? If one is 
> > busy in visualizing what one wishes, how can one discover the 
> > truth? These are just some of my questions.
> > 
> > Thank you
> > 
> > barbara 
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