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Re: Theos-World Re: Visualization

Sep 07, 2006 08:04 AM
by adelasie

Hi Barbara,

You bring up a good point. Visualization, or any other occult work, 
needs always to be prefaced with the conscious dedication to the 
general benefit of all. The phrase, "Thy Will, not mine, be done," is 
an excellent focus. The student can offer what he or she has or may 
do that may be of assistance, but when we start deciding what that 
might be or how it should be used, we get onto a pretty slippery 
slope. The student is warned, "Let go of attachment to the results of 
your actions."

It occurs to me that one possible reason for the teaching about 
visualizing improved conditions for humanity, such as world peace, 
might pertain to the fact that we may, in a future incarnation, have 
something to do with furthering that cause in a more substantial way. 
If we have laid some mental groundwork, so to speak, our future 
selves might find it a bit easier to function effectively. Examples 
can be found in daily living. If I want to make a dress, it behooves 
me to have a pattern, to understand completely the process as far as 
I might, before I cut the fabric, or I will end up wasting material 
and time and effort. "As above, so below," is another useful 


> The second kind of practice aims at bringing in specific results 
> with the use of the creative imagination, practices like picturing 
> monetary abundance in one's life to peace on earth.  The drawbacks, 
> I see, from this discipline is, 1. One is locked in presupposition 
> of certain outcomes; 2.  It has the potential to block the unveiling 
> of truth since one is consumed by what one wants to see;  3. One is 
> still imprisoned by the five senses.  4.  One is adding more layers 
> to one's illusion.    
> For example, what if the world is not supposed to be peaceful at 
> this time?  What if there is a reason and purpose to the unrest in 
> the world, waiting for students to unlock its meaning?  If one is 
> busy in visualizing what one wishes, how can one discover the 
> truth?  These are just some of my questions.
> Thank you
> barbara  


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