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DALLAS: About his possible AFTER-DEATH dream states

Sep 06, 2006 10:45 PM
by Compiler

DALLAS: About his possible AFTER-DEATH dream states

Greetings to all,

First let me say that I have mostly only known Dallas here and in the
many different theosophical forums that he participated in on the
internet (and in a few private e-mails), so can only speak about him
from that point of view. But based on the wonderful and massive work
that he constantly did to try and help people understand theosophy from
the foundation of the original teachings, along with also presenting
many of his personal views and understanding of the teachings, and his,
to me, apparent love for all of humanity in the way he communicated that
I saw in his many postings, I speak from this personal point of view.

So, since he passed on and out of his physical body a few days ago, I
have been thinking and wondering about the following things, and how I
might post them here so as to share them:

When will the wonderful soul (the immortal eternal thinker, like all of
us are) that we all knew as Dallas in this particular physical plane
incarnation, of 84 years, who served humanity in such a great way,
return after his two after-death states of dreaming?

Please know that I welcome everyone who can correct me if I am wrong on
what I am about to say concerning what I think I read in the teachings,
even though I don't remember where -- and that is that each of the two
dream states that we all enter into after each incarnation, known as
kama loka and devachan in theosophy (or hell -- bad dreams, and heaven
-- pleasant dreams), are only experienced for as long or as short of a
time strictly based on the energy of the life led -- meaning all of the
thoughts, words, and deeds of the life just lived on the physical plane
-- which expressions were at all times from either our lower nature or
our higher nature.

Others who actually knew him can say more, but I personally think, which
is only my best guess, that Dallas was the type of a person who
constantly thought about serving and helping all of humanity and didn't
have too many lower nature mean and selfish thoughts and actions. And I
also think that Dallas was the kind of a soul who would not naturally
spend too much time in kama loka because he didn't put that much energy
into the kind of mean and selfish thoughts and actions that would make
for natural bad dreams of a similar nature, and who, on the other hand
would not want to experience too long of a pleasant dream rest in
devachan, even though he could probably naturally spend a real long time
in that blissful dream state if he thought of that being his reward a
lot and wanted it to happen. I personally think he would want to
re-enter the physical plan again as a new personality, in a male or a
female body, in order to continue on with his mission of helping
humanity in some important way.

I say the above possibility concerning Dallas in this way because, as
said, I think I remember reading somewhere in the teaching that if one
sincerely wants to and thinks about it a lot, and constantly focusses on
it, especially during the later years of life when one knows he or she
is near the end of this particular incarnation, and truly wants to come
back fairly quickly to continue the work of serving humanity, this can
definitely happen. Please know that I truly think in this way all the
time myself; that is, that once I die and move on I want to come back
fairly quickly in order to keep trying to help humanity in my particular
ways -- with my hopefully helpful theosophical work, and with my
economic vision for humanity.

Please know that if I'm completely wrong, or somewhat wrong, about the
very dear humanity-loving soul that we all knew as Dallas returning
fairly quickly to another incarnation because he probably purposely set
the stage for it to happen by constantly thinking of it, or if I am more
or less correct about this being part of the teaching, others more
knowledgeable than me can comment on this dynamic either way.

I very much look forward to just reading everything that may be said
about this, even though I personally won't be commenting about it any
more or getting involved in any discussions myself.

Forever yours in "Universal Brotherhood" -- I mean that most sincerely.

John DeSantis

> In a message dated 9/2/06 8:42:59 PM,
> writes:

> There is some unfortunate news to report.
> Dallas Tenbroeck is no longer with us.  He
> passed on about 24 hours ago.  I do not
> know the time more exactly than that.  I do
> not know any more details than that.
> He was the mainstay of this list for sharing
> Theosophical information.  He has helped
> many people around the world.  He fought
> for Theosophy with vigor up until his last
> hours.  He was an inspiration for us all.
> He will be missed around the world.
> Dallas was a true and faithful servant --
> a warrior of light.
> Now his task in this life is over.
> Thank you Dallas.
> Reed


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