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Re: [esotericcosmology] A question to leon,

Sep 06, 2006 09:19 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 8/24/06 10:06:49 PM, writes:

> hi,
> When speaking of quantum mechanics and in accordance with zero point
> spinergy, is there a requirment for a physical particle to be involved
> when zero point spinergy occurs, I feel not, as energy itself would
> come into physical existance once initial, first dimensional motion
> occured.
> henry

I don't fully understand your question.   However, I'll try to clarify the 

Zero-point spinergy doesn't "occur."   It's always associated, as pure 
*nonlinear* or abstract motion (angular momentum) with every zero-point, both prior 
to and after emanation of the initial ray of linear motion that weave the 
fractally involved initial triune field of cosmic energy on the spiritual level -- 
when the cosmos initially awakens from its mahapralaya.

The physical or quantum particles that come later, after the first three 
logos (at the fourth iteration or fractal involution of the spiritual fields an 
their inflation) are caused -- after the "breaking of symmetry" -- by the 
different vibrational twisting or knotting of the individual rays or strings of the 
lowest order frequency phase of the cosmic energy that compose the initial 
triune physical field on its analogous spiritual level.   These initial 
particulate waveform patterns then replicate (by electromagnetic resonance processes) 
down to the gross physical-material level, and can there be measured or 
observed as the different quanta of particle physics.   

However, when not observed or measured, such particles also act as waves -- 
which is their fundamental nature.   Post modern physics, or M-theory uses the 
analogy of "strings" to show how each individual quantum particle is formed by 
a different vibration and twisting of the fundamental rays of energy on the 
surface of the fields.   Unfortunately, due to their materialist bias, these 
scientists are considering only the lowest order material level, and thus -- 
(although, their mathematics postulate the existence of these hyperspace fields 
enfolded within the so called "vacuum space" between the particles and the 
zero-point) -- they have no idea of the relationship, mechanisms, or dynamics 
between consciousness (awareness, will), and these inner, higher order fields, or 
of their coenergetic connection with the lower order metric fields of ordinary 

I hope you and anyone else reading this can understand this answer.   But, if 
not... Feel free to ask questions. 

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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