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Re: Visualization

Sep 06, 2006 05:17 PM
by bta1012003

As I ponder more on the place of visualization in our lives, I am 
beginning to believe that the use of creative imagination in 
achieving a desired end could be viewed as one of the occult arts 
mentioned by HPB.  One directs the elementals clothed in forms and 
colors to build specific thoughtforms.  The effectiveness is 
dependent on the degree of development of one's will power and other 
unseen forces like karma.  

This practice is different from Theosophy, which is Atma-Vidya. Its 
emphasis is on wisdom and union with the Higher Self. In "Occultism 
Versus the Occult Arts" HPB explains that "ATMA-VIDYA, a term which 
is translated simply `Knowledge of the Soul,' true wisdom by the 
Orientalists, but which means far more.  [This]  is only kind of 
Occultism that any theosophist who admires `Light on the Path,' and 
who would be wise and unselfish, ought to strive after."


> Hello,
> Thank you for the quote.  I do not remember anywhere in the ML, 
> Voice of Silence, or the Secret Doctrine, where visualization 
> practice is encouraged. If there were any, it is pretty isolated 
> sparse.      
> It will be useful to differentiate visualization practices into 
> broad categories.  The first one aims at stabilizing the lower 
> exercises like picturing a flame or blossoming of a lotus in 
> meditation. This is a tool some apply to strengthen the power of 
> one's concentration.  
> The second kind of practice aims at bringing in specific results 
> with the use of the creative imagination, practices like picturing 
> monetary abundance in one's life to peace on earth.  The 
> I see, from this discipline is, 1. One is locked in presupposition 
> of certain outcomes; 2.  It has the potential to block the 
> of truth since one is consumed by what one wants to see;  3. One 
> still imprisoned by the five senses.  4.  One is adding more 
> to one's illusion.    
> For example, what if the world is not supposed to be peaceful at 
> this time?  What if there is a reason and purpose to the unrest in 
> the world, waiting for students to unlock its meaning?  If one is 
> busy in visualizing what one wishes, how can one discover the 
> truth?  These are just some of my questions.
> Thank you
> barbara  

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