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Re: Theos-World Re: Mind and Brain

Sep 06, 2006 01:01 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 8/15/06 9:38:34 PM, writes:

> Hi Leon,
> How spooky, I was just reading over your posting on consciousness and you 
> popped up in my In Box.
> I have doctored a quote from you in order that I may understand your point.  
> Can you clarify for me if I understand your points or if I have totally 
> missed it.
> Thanks
> Cass
> In lieu of a better explanation, I still subscribe to the concept that 
> consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, etc.) is an a priori function of a non 
> localized (but everywhere) function of “mind” separate from, yet overseeing, 
> the "contents of consciousness" which again are processed as electromagnetic 
> brain fields that carry the consolidated (i.e., holographic) images of its 
> processing through each sensory channel at the neurological level. 
LM: This seems to be pretty much the way I see it.   

However, we shouldn't confuse the contents of consciousness (thoughts, 
sensory images, dreams, imaginations, memories, etc.) with the actual experience of 
consciousness (i.e., awareness, will).   

The mind-memory fields hold the "contents of consciousness" that are 
processed in the brain, and makes them available for access by the zero-points of 
consciousness -- which are non local, spatially, relative to the localized body... 
In the sense that we experience pain located at the point of trauma (not in 
our mind or brain),   The mind and brain, on the other hand, are actually 
localized within and around each individual body. 

Thus, these mind-brain carriers of the contents or images of consciousness 
are also local in universal space -- as is individual self consciousness.   
Although such individualized consciousness on the larger scale is nonlocal 
relative to universal space -- since it is the function of the ubiquitous zero-point 
that is either latent or active in every being or entity throughout the 

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