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Comments on some of Carlos' Views

Sep 06, 2006 12:45 PM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

"What applied to HPB in 1875-1891  does not have to apply to the 
average truth-seeker in the early 21st century!"

Well, who said that this was the comparision being made???
Who was advocating that what applied to HPB MUST apply to "the 
average truth-seeker"?

You may not find HPB's words helpful or insightful but others may.

The average truth-seeker?  Who is this?  

I don't believe anyone on this forum has suggested that any of this 
material - one way or the other- is necessarily for the "average 
truth-seeker." May not even for the "average" Theosophist!!

Maybe some will find it very helpful and inspiring; others may not.

Let each seeker - whether average or not - use the material if he or 
she finds it helpful or inspiring.  

Who is to say what is "appropriate" for anyone - especially 
the "average truth-seeker."

You also write:

"We also should carefully examine the 1900 Letter...."

Well, yes we should carefully examine it.  But a number of very
knowledegable students (for example, Dallas, Walter, Vernon) have 
serious reservations about it coming from the real KH. And that 
maybe should give us pause about too readily accepting it.  But of 
course each of us will have to decide about the letter if we choose 
to do so.

Again you write:

"Masters are NOT their 'personalities'."

Again I don't think anyone here is claiming that they are.  But they 
do use those personalities, etc. etc.  And to have some undertanding 
of their personalities may be helpful especially when also grappling 
with all the conflicting claims about these same Masters made after 
HPB's death. To give a concrete example, if Leadbeater students knew 
more about the original personalities, work, etc. of the Masters as 
found in the original literature then they might have a better 
perspective if not some reservations about what CWL later wrote 
about these same Masters.

Again you comment:

"Adoring Masters personalities or portraits is harmful..."

Adoring?  Who has been advocating ADORING the Masters' personalities 
or portraits?  Not anyone that I am aware of.

But that doesn't mean that the Masters' personalities and/or 
portraits can't be uplifting and even inspiring to some Theosophical 


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