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Re: Here is the visualization quote

Sep 06, 2006 06:53 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Here's the Quote
  Adelasie, Gary:
     Well, for one thing, it seems strange 
to me to visualize someone else "in the 
heart" as a spiritual source, when one 
has HIS OWN spiritual source in the heart.  
The goal, seems to me, is to get in 
touch with one's own spiritual source, 
and not head in the direction of 
depending on someone else's spiritual 
source instead.  It seems out of character 
with the Theosophical idea of self-reliance.  
I've got to think that any "adepts" 
want left alone basically, and not 
have people visualizing them all 
the time.  (Not saying you do!) That
is if any still look once in a while
in the direction of the funny farm the
theosophical world usually is.  People 
have to decide for themselves, I suppose.
      As Barbara also infers, visualization is 
something "easy" to do, and people who think
they are causing big results, may actually be
accomplishing - Nothing.  "Sending good
thoughts out into the world" - like some
Buddhist do, is it good?  I don't know, maybe
it is.  But it is certainly not practically
as good as one solid thing one does to improve
the world, like helping the homeless ad.
infinitum, etc. - that is Difficult and one
can see the results of.  I don't think anywhere
in Theosophical literature there is anything
about "sending good thoughts into the world,"
or similar visualization processes.  Paul
Brunton, during WWII was part of such a world-group,
that seemingly thought they were really accom-
plishing something in their visualization
practices. ("My Father's Guru") Very likely
self-deluded, I think.
     Ken Small's quote is likely GdeP, but as
much about aspiration in a general way, 
and not as to specific spiritual practice.
      I couldn't get a direct statement of
whether or not the quote was actually in the
facsimile - which is usual of Dan on specific
requests or questions - so have to assume
it is, I suppose.
        - jake j
<8b. Re: Adelaise: Here's the quote
    <Posted by: "adelasie" 
    Date: Mon Sep 4, 2006 8:19 am (PDT)
  <Thanks, Mark,
  <I am a bit puzzled by the controversy. What is it you find wrong with 
<the advice that the student imagine the Master as a living being 
<within? While it is certainly true that the student has the right to 
accept or reject any teaching that seems incorrect to him, this 
particular statement seems very consistent with the body of teaching 
of theosophy.
  <The power of visualization is closely connected with the mystery of 
creation. Elsewhere, Judge said, "Consciousness is everything." 
(paraphrase) What we think will come to pass. If we wish to create 
world peace, for instance, we can create in our imagination a vision 
of that condition. 
  <When we accept the Unity of all Life (fundamental precept of the 
Ancient Wisdom) we find that all life dwells within each entity. The 
center of every entity, be it planet or star or sun or atom, is the 
same center. The Master is the Higher Self, the spiritual Father of 
the material child. Recognizing and reinforcing awareness of that 
fact by means of visualization can help the student realize his goals 
of living up to his own highest ideals.
  <On 4 Sep 2006 at 5:25, Mark Jaqua wrote:
  > Adelasie: Here's the quote:
>    In Esoteric Instruction No. V (BCW 12, p. 696) 
> Judge is supposedly quoting KH (to himself?):
>     "Your best method is to concentrate on 
> the Master as a Living Being within you.  
> Make His image in your heart, and a focus 
> of concentration, so as to lose all sense 
> of bodily existence in the one thought."
Assunto:Theos-World Re: Visualization
  > Hi friends:
> I am following the thread on 
visualization with interest. This is a 
> subject I have filed long time ago 
under the I-do-not-understand 
> category. The practice of visualization 
is very prevalent among 
> many philosophical and psychological 
disciplines. I hold the 
> position that it is best to develop 
discernment in order to 
> penetrate the veil of Maya. Visualization 
exercises are 
> impediments, exacerbating the strength 
of our illusions, even though 
> at times they are motivated by altruistic 
concerns and lofty ideals. 
> But, because we are bound, thus, our 
visualized hopes are bound by 
> our own limitations. It is best to 
learn to see truth and practice 
> living truth, bringing in the energy 
of truth into the world. 
> Whenever I raise questions about the 
practice of visualization, the 
> response I usually get is along the 
line how powerful is our 
> imagination, a fact I never dispute, 
and how we can help the world 
> with creative imagination. But so far, 
I have not yet found a 
> satisfactory answer that addresses 
the point - why create more 
> thought-forms that add more layers 
to our illusions.
> Best,
> barbara
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