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New Spainish Translations

Sep 06, 2006 03:59 AM
by Mark Jaqua

New Spainish Translations
 Three new spainish translations 
have been issued from Blavatsky Editorial, 
A.C. (Mexico) of "The Ocean of Theosophy" 
and "Echoes of the Orient" by William Q. Judge, 
and also the pamphlet "How to Study the 
Secret Doctrine" by Bowen.  These are 
quality paperbacks and Blavatsky Editorial, 
A.C. have numerous other publications.  
Their email address is:>
and surface address is:
Ma. Enriqueta Camarillo de Pereyra. No. 45
Santa Maria la Ribera
Mexico, D.F. 06400
      Different races and sub-race go 
through their own cycles, according 
to Theosophy, and it certainly seems 
that from events apparent in the US, 
Mexico, Brazil, etc. that the Spainish 
(& Portuguese) speaking people are on 
an upward cycle, and thus also better 
disposed to Theosophical teachings.
            - jake j.

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